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ALC is an organisation specialising in professional business English and French training.
Our courses comprise oral and written work through a classroom approach, tailored to the levels and needs of groups of professionals and individuals and using different simulations and guided exercises.
You work on your accent, fluency, vocabulary and grammar, depending on your needs and your goals.
Our different individual (personal coaching) or group classes (dynamic and collective input/output) allows you to learn in an environment adapted to your personal objectives.
ALC guarantees:
  • The professional skills development of your employees in the business and/or workplace.
  • The control of quality.
  • An optional monitoring contract may be put in place following the training.
  • A flexible management training.
  • Local services and World-wide coverage.
We can hold classes at your business premises in the following countries:
France, Spain, Germany, Italy, the Middle East, North africa, China etc...
You specify the duration of the course, we make suggestions and recommendations based on what you tell us.
Courses are organised dependent on the availability of trainers and trainees.
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